Involves total field/pitch renovation including renovating or rehabilitating unsuitable and possibly dangerous fields. Local populations are enabled to access safe football environments, which become key in developing KYFA player and coach skills, and pursuing the further personal development of KYFA’s players and adult members to enable local population access to a safer football environment.



KYFA has successfully installed 9 standard goalposts and 3 net holders in 12 primary schools In Kisumu County.
The goalposts will help promote football talents of over 7000 primary school pupils as well as provide a safe and professional environment for the trainings and competitions.
Beneficiary schools include Rae Kajulu, Alango, Joel Omino (net holders), Pandpieri (net holders), Nyalunya, Akwanya, St. Anne Ahero, Siany, Andingo Bware, Ndori B.C, Buoye and Highway (net holders).

This is part of Football for WASH project funded by KNVB



Accomplishes metallic goalposts installation and re-alignments, setting up spectator shades, standard marking of fields and the removal of sharp small stones in rocky fields.



Levelling fields/pitches, digging drainage trenches, removal of boulders and the size of field measured and standardized, increasing field sizes.

Every weekend, dozens of community fields host over a thousand KYFA youth. Most of them are informal fields situated in the settlements throughout Kisumu and its surrounding villages. Whether formal or informal pitches, these fields feature widely varying qualities and characteristics from dirt to grass surfaces, rocky to smooth soil, level to extensively uneven, seasonally flooded or dry and dusty, etc. Furthermore, many of these spaces are multi-use, and variously function as grazing grounds for livestock, thoroughfares for foot and vehicular traffic, meeting areas for community functions, and even as dumping grounds for trash. Because KYFA’s youth come from diverse but generally disadvantaged circumstances, a major proportion of them play without footwear, and without access to nicer play spaces or significant means of improving their sports environments. This results in high risks of injury, and challenges to effective play, in many of the spaces KYFA youth use. Therefore, KYFA’s Field Renovation initiatives seek to reinforce its sports and development objectives, by partnering through KYFA members with their communities and providing the resources and services to enable the improvements which our members seek in the quality of their play-spaces.

KYFA’s renovation activities span the gamut of high-impact interventions, to small-scale field improvements, all of which target and address the specific conditions and issues which call for resolution at each individual field. By seeking direction and input from relevant community members, KYFA’s field renovations are a direct product of community collaboration and investment. From digging a ditch and rainwater catchment system, to totally overhauling the surface and substructure of a field, KYFA’s renovations utilize local resources, and local volunteers and laborers, including members of KYFA clubs. Renovation objectives and plans are established hand-in-hand with a field’s relevant KYFA clubs, other local users, and with the local authorities responsible for managing and adjudicating field usage rights and maintenance responsibilities. Thereby, KYFA’s renovations are enacted through sustainable social structures, direct community investment and involvement, and formal agreements for long-term usage.

KYFA provides the overarching technical expertise to facilitate these renovations, the administrative and managerial structures to support them during implementation, the significant portion of finances, and the mediating body through which our membership can access and establish agreements for the development and use of these spaces within the auspices of their managing authorities.


KYFA has completed major and minor improvements at the following fields in Kisumu Please click on the following fields to learn about the work KYFA has done improving football infrastructure in Kisumu.

  1. Obwolo Primary School Field
  2. Joel Omino Primary School Field
  3. Highway Primary School Field
  4. Shaurimoyo Secondary School Field
  5. Shaurimoyo Primary School Field
  6. Bishop Abiero Secondary School
  7. MM Shah Primary School
  8. Nanga Primary School
  9. Obunga Sports Complex
  10. Carwash Community Field
  11. Rotary Field
  12. Kindu Primary School
  13. Rota Primary School
  14. Ramogi Community Field