Girls Mentorship Program

KYFA’s approach has entailed pairing vulnerable school-going girls organized in football clubs with volunteer community mentors assisted by trained KYFA peer educators. The mentors are young ladies in colleges and universities in Kisumu.
They conduct weekly group meetings with girls’ teams covering topics such as decision making, sexuality, peer pressure, etc. During these sessions, the mentors identify specific cases in the groups in need of personal attention and offer guidance and counselling services to them as most of them have the skill.

Additionally, KYFA hosts weekly girls’ league football matches and an annual nationwide girls’ tournament, which serve as platforms for motivational speakers and themed drama, poem and essay competitions. Lastly, as a long-term solution to lack of access to sanitary towels, three beneficiaries were planned for a basic tailoring course on Shana Pad production, a reusable sanitary pad.
This was set to be done in partnership with a local CBO, which currently runs a tailoring training programme. After successful completion of the intensive tailoring training, the three beneficiaries will be able to use sewing machines and will have start-up material to begin making the pads as an income-generating activity. In this way the beneficiaries involved will not only be able to provide themselves with a small income, but they will be able to sell the pads to girls at an affordable cost


Academic All Stars Program

This initiative identifies and recognizes the outstanding academic achievers amongst KYFA players. It was launched in 2011 and has recognized over 300 players by rewarding them with certificates and school supplies.