KYFA offers technical soccer trainings to its member coaches in order to improve quality of local football and develop teams and players. In an effort to strengthen the technical aspects of football in Kisumu, KYFA has implemented a program entitled Coach the Coach.This program uses highly trained coaches to educate and engage all other KYFA volunteer coaches.
A structured system of trainings and follow up sessions will allow KYFA to strengthen the grassroots coaching systems, which in turn will improve the quality of local football. By offering basic training for all KYFA coaches, the technical ability of people on the ground will be enhanced through local expertise. Training coaches at a high level, such as our three UEFA Class B trained coaches, allows the organization to keep training in-house as much as possible.



The First Aid program is aimed at providing basic safety and emergency response during sports activities, while KYFA also uses the locals with interest in football to train as referees. As an integral part of competitions, referees have been a focus of capacity building and training from the beginning. Highly skilled and professional referees are an asset to any competition.
KYFA strives to use local people with an interest in football and affiliation to KYFA member clubs to train as its referees. These people will be given a chance to benefit the youth through fair competitions and also build their own capacity given the fact that refereeing has potential as an income generating activity. The referees are graded and given objective feedback on their performance in order to enhance competition quality.



In order to use football as a tool for social change, KYFA strives to educate and empower its youth participants. After a few years of competitions, KYFA saw the need for a program of its own for the social development of youth. The IDM curriculum arose as a way to combat the myriad of challenges young people in Kisumu are faced with.
This curriculum is a way to educate KYFA member team leaders on how to go about making an informed decision on any issue that challenges them. After training the youth leaders, we are implementing follow up sessions with their teams where the trained youth can facilitate sessions with their teammates about relevant challenges and current problems. As a result, each member of the team will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions in their lives.
This program can run in collaboration with life skills programs in schools. This programme promotes youth social development by educating the team captains on making informed decisions on relevant challenges faced by young people, such as peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, sex and sexuality, etc.