KYFA organizes football leagues for children and youth between ages 8-18, girls and boys as a basis for other activities to take place. Through these leagues, over 3000 youth players get to participate in structured competitions. Key achievements include
2013 marked the 9th year of annual football leagues for children and youth in Kisumu organized by KYFA. The leagues ran from April to December. These out of school competitions provided opportunity for 2815 boys and girls to.
• Engage in positive recreation activities at their free time out of school
• Develop and showcase football talents.
• Learn basic life skills of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, honesty and hard work.

The following figures represent some of the statistics during the season

Overview of 2013 in numbers

  1. 131 teams participated
  2. 2815 players registered; 2157 boys; 568 girls registered.
  3. 18 Leagues organized, 4 girls’ leagues (three U14 and one U18).
  4. 57 league committee’s officials running all competitions as volunteers.
  5. 256 coaches and 53 referees involved in competitions.
  6. 1015Matches played.
  7. 31 Average matches per weekend.
  8. 12 Red cards; 121Yellow cards.



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